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These are codes/programs specifically made with Visual Basic that was submitted by the developers themselves.
Visual Basic Software

DHTML Explorer - By: Rochelle
This is a complete web developer application for a wide range of text-based web files. Both remote and local web files can be loaded, copied or pasted from the clipboard and saved locally. Includes comprehensible help file. In addition has a Microsoft Access Database maintenance utility for compacting and repairing MDB files. You are provided with all visual basic, help and image source code files. Authors Webpage
FlexUI Resizer Control - By: Al-Shaikh, Alaeddin Hallak
Add resizing power automatically to your forms with very minimal effort. Full source code and Compiled control is included.
Free VB guide for beginners users - By: Valery V Shmeleff
Guidelines for programmers in Visual Basic for dynamic logical game programming. The document includes rules of the game, step-by-step programming process description in Word format, screenshots and 9 complete projects (listings for each development step). See website for free download. Logical game has several variants, such as tabular, card, cycle card, paper sheet tabular. Software versions of the game contain bigger scaling capabilities: playing area dimensions can be changed, as well as cells / cards nominal quantity, game branching types can; PDA /cellular versions can be created etc. Free training guide for beginners users. Full guide in attach ZIP. Authors Webpage
ImagenProXControl v2.0 (.OCX Control) - By: Colombian Developers
The documention for this control is in the download. Its not in English so some may need to use a online translater to read it. I messed around with it and it does do some powerful stuff. It will convert Bitmap files to the Jpeg format. Save the data in the clipboard to a JPeg file and Save the data as a Bitmap file. Go to the website for more info and look in the readMe file in the zip.

Update 2.0:
*Open new graphic formats as jpg, bmp, ico, gif, emf, wmf, and more..
* Internet ImaGes
* twain api scanner support
* now is a "visible control."
* USB cameraS support.
* new functions and VB6 demo
* Save to clipboard
* Save to new graphic formats!!!
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Rename MP3 Files using ID3v2 Tags - By: Ales Suchac
This was written specifically to convert files named as number + ".mp3". The code which decides what should be renamed can be changed to everybody's need, my main point is the function which actually gets tag info from the MP3 file.
Wallpaper Changer in VB - By: Valery V Shmeleff
Free Visual Basic tutorial for beginners programmers - automatic windows desktop styles change from VB. Click Here
Visual Basic 6.0 and .NET Software
Page Info - This page contains codes/programs/utilities that were made by developers other than myself that requested to put on the site.
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