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These are programs specifically made with Visual Basic. The versions range from Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.NET 2003 and Visual Basic 2005.
Visual Basic Software
csApiSpy v1.0 - 2002/2003 Edition
This is a complete Api Spy I made with VB.Net. This works 100% with Windows XP. I know some of the Api Spys on the Utilitys page doesn't work with Windows XP. I will include the source soon. This will get all the children and siblings of a window. Look at the screenshot to see the other features. I am working on version 2 and will put it up as soon as it is done.
csAutorun Maker v1.0
A small application for creating autorun.inf files. Makes it very simple to allow you to select the execute (.exe) file you want and the icon to be the autorun icon. The source code is also available at the Visual Basic.NET - Examples webpage.
csFileIcon Extractor Tool v1.0
This is a very small program that will extract the icon from most of the files you select. It supports saving the extracted icon in many different formats. Including: Bitmap, Gif, Jpg(JPeg) and More.
csComputerInfo Tool v1.2 - The Vista Edition
A cool application that shows alot of various information on the computer system. Displays cpu/processor, video, windows os, hard drive, motherboard, and memory data. This was made to run on Windows Vista but it could run fine on XP. Maybe a feature or a bug or 2 might crop up. This download includes a Setup file to install the program.
csCPUMiniMeter v1.1
This is a small application somewhat similar to the sysMonTray program. This program will display your computers total cpu usage and memory usage in progressbars and a visual graphical display similar to the Windows Task Manager. The app will also display the cpu usage in the System/Notify Icon area as a simple number. Has some available options to tweak the applications features. The source code is available under the Visual Basic 2005 - Examples page.
csEasyEncoder 2010 EXPress Edition
A little program to encode music video, and media files from one format to another. Its designed to be easy to use and understand. It uses the excellent ffmpeg.exe library to perform all of the encoding operations and has many of the popular format types available like MPEG4 .MP4 (Including H.264 High Quality version), MPEG2 based DVD, VCD, and SVCD pretsets, .AVI, convert Flash Video .FLV, and more! If you want the source code you can find it under the: Visual Basic.NET - Examples page, under the VB 2005/2008/2010 only section. It was written in VB.NET 2010 Express Edition but the code can be used in the older Visual Studio .NET 2005 and VB 2008 languages as well. Enjoy!.
csEasyEncoder 2011 EXPress Edition
This is the 2011 version of the csEasyEncoder EXPress program. The main features are the same as the 2010 version above, but with a few new features added. You can now specify the number of B-Frames and Reference Frames to use for encoding. Also added was the ability to specify the Resolution and Aspect ratio to encode your video. The last major new feature is the ability to de-interlace your video during the encoding process. Other minor tweaks we made as well. Take care! :)
csScreenshot/Snapshot Application v1.0
This is a complete application that will take snapshots/screenshots of your desktop or specified window. Can save them to the clipboard or to a picture file. Easy to use and understand.
csYoutubeDownload XPress1
This is a very simple, easy to use program for downloading a backup of your youtube video's. This will bypass the 2 downloads per hour limit that google enforces if you download through your account. While this tool will download all youtube video's it is only to be used to download your video's and not others with whom you do not have permission. This application is very easy to use and all you have to do is put in the web address to your youtube video, click the process url button, then you can specify the filename and location to save the video too. Once that is done simply hit the download button and your video is on its way! The program was designed for simplicity and does not include a ton of advanced features. But if you want something simple and easy to use, give this completely FREE application a try. The download includes a simple setup file for installing on the computer. Enjoy! The source code is available under the Visual Basic 2005/2008/2010 - Examples page.
Easy Meta Maker 1.0
This is a small, simple program made with Visual Basic 6.0 that will help to generate meta tags for your webpage.
Free Wave Ripper (Beta 1.01)
This is a program I made with VB 6.0 to rip music cd's to wav files. - Windows 9x/ME. This program will Not work with Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
Inclusive Music Player v1.2 (Beta)
A small music player that uses the Bass.DLL and plays mp3 and wave files. Supports winamp style playlists, lite visuals, mp3 encoder, mp3 v1 tag editor and more.
csWritingPad v1.5 Professional
This is a application with somewhat advanced Word Processing capabilitys. To many features to list them all, but it of course has your normal Cut/Copy/Paste, Set Font/Size/Color to the entire document or the selected text only. Add images to your RTF document. Has printing capabilitys to print your documents and multi-level Undo and Redo features. Plus it has advanced 'Search and Replace' features. This application was actually started in 2004. So it is 3yrs old. Of course I didn't work on it constantly but I did put a bit of time into it. But i'm sure you would only care about the applications source code and not the executable. The project source code is available under the: Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003 - Examples section. Enjoy! :)
Quick Boost 1.03
This is a internet utility I made to help you get more throughput from your dial-up and broadband internet connection by changing various registry settings. Depending on whether you already optimized the DefaultRCVWindow registry settings, this could increase your broadband speed by a large margin. (Recommended for broadband/The Dialup settings can possibly decrease your dial-up connection.) - Window 9x/ME.
Rock, Paper, Swissors Game
This is just a basic Rock, Paper, Swissors game I made with VB 6.0 that you play against the computer. The computer is basically random with its throw.
SysMonLite v1.0
A cool little application I made that sits in the system tray and has a right click context menu with program options. This program monitors and displays your computers total cpu usage in the system tray. It will show it in the system tray as actual numbers too. Look at the screenshot to see it in action. The source code is available under the VB.NET 2005 - Examples section.
Visual Basic 6.0 and .NET Software
Page Info - This page contains various programs I made that was created with Visual Basic. They range from VB 6.0, VB.NET, and VB 2005 executables. I put them up in case someone could find them useful. The source code for some of these programs could be listed on the Examples page.
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