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A list of utilities that could be useful for the programmer or even just the general user. Alot of these are older versions, so you may want to see if there are newer versions available.

       Utility Programs
Api32 Apispy
A good api spy that generates the code for you and more. Possible that it may not work with Windows 00/CP though.
Api Spy
This is a somewhat basic Apispy program. You may want to check if its compatible with the newer oses though.
Api Spy #2
A basic API spy that can save the info for you. Again, you need to check compatibility with newer oses.
Api Spy #3
Your basic API spy. Again, you may want to check compatibility with newer oses.
Api Spy #4
A spy program that can generate the actual code for you. Check for new os compatibility.
Chr Converter
A simple program I made that converts strings values to chr$ based code.
Dodi's Decompiler
This is a pretty old program used to decompile 16 bit visual basic. VB 3.0 and below. Might be able to decompile VB4.0 16bit. But I do not know.
Eazfuscator.NET 1.7
This is a completely Free and very easy to use Obfuscator program. It makes it harder for someone to Decompile your .NET based projects.

Info from Author - Obfuscated code is a code that is (usually intentionally) very hard to read and understand. Some programming languages and technologies are more prone to obfuscation than others. The main purpose of obfuscator is to protect intellectual property of the software.
This is a older version of Hexworks. It allows you to check out the internals of a selected file.
Html Fader
Fades html text.
Internet Chat
Just a ip chatroom.
Internet Chat2
Another ip chatroom.
Message Box Creator
This helps in creation of messageboxes.
Mirc Version 5.6
Everyone should know what with is.
Port Scanner
Just a simple little port scanner.
Scan That Bas
A nice program that will scan bas files for similar code.
Visual Basic 5 CCE
This is the Control Creation Edition of Visual Basic 5.0. You can only create Active X controls with this version of Visual Basic. No exe files.
Visual Basic 6.0 Decompiler
A Decompiler program for Visual Basic 6.0. This doesn't do a complete decompile. Play around with it and see. I wouldn't really consider this program to even be a partial decompiler.
Visual Basic 6.0 Decompiler (Much Better Version than the one above)
This is a link to a MUCH better decompiler for Visual Basic 6.0. It still isn't a full blown (At the moment I put this up), but is considered a 'half-decompiler'. The name of it is VBReFormer and there is a free version and a paid version or two available for download at the VBReFormer website. This link points to the Free Version. I believe you have to log-in with a account to download.
A Ftp upload and download utility.
Visual Basic 6.0 and .NET Software
Page Info - This page contains various programs/utilitys that could be considered useful. Alot of these programs are the older versions though. IF one of the programs doesn't do what you expect or isn't acting right, you may want to search for a newer version.
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