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Below is a list of modules/bas files that are available on this site. It contains your normal Modules and Class Modules. The description will usually let you know which is what. These modules are mainly aimed to help the Beginner or the Intermediate programmer.

       Visual Basic - Modules(Bas Files)
Addon Bas
This modules contains some fairly useful code to perform your basic operations. For instance: It contains sub's to check if a file exists, Goto a URL, Search a listbox, and much more. This is actually a pretty old module.
CD Class Module v2.1
The latest version of my cd class module. This class makes it very easy to make a feature rich application for playing Compact Disks(CD's). I took down version 1.0 and 2.0 since they are really obsolete and this 2.1 version contains more features, and is more stable than the earlier versions. Version 2.1 Final: Adds support to select cdrom drive.
csSoundPlayer Library v1.1
This is a class module that will play waveform sounds (.wav files) with very little code on your end. Very easy to use and very small in size. Has very little overhead and no need for 3rd Party controls.
GDI+ Api's
This is a bas file that contains the GDI+ api's I found on the web. The GDI+ api's contains MANY more fearures than the original GDI apis. You will need to goto the Controls section and download the GDI+ DLL if your system doesn't already have it. The downside to the GDI+ apis is that they are currently not hardware accelerated.
Lot of Bas Files
This download contains ALOT of various bas files(Modules) to perform a great many operations. Contains a Math, Equation, Tray Icon, Mouse, Sound, Registry, and MUCH more.
Mixed Module
This zip contains a module that performs alot of various tasks. Disable - Alt/Control/Delete, Enabled - Alt/Control/Delete, Char:Ascii creation, File manipulation, random numbers, random strings and much more.
Mixed Module #2
Another zip that contains a few different modules to make performing tasks alot easier. Winsock, URL, Control Panel and ect..
Movie Module 1.2.6
A class module I made to make it very simple to create a feature-rich Movie Player based application. Supports most all of the common formats and does not rely on 3rd Party controls. AVI, MPeg, ect..
MP3 Class Module
A class module I made that helps to make it very easy to create a simple MP3 player.
Multi-Media Class Module
Another class module centered around playing MP3, Wav, Midi, ect..
Music Module 2.2
This module contains all of the features of the other multi-media modules on this site with even more features added. Use it to make a feature rich application that supports many different sound formats.
Sub Bas
A bas file that contains codes for various misc funtions. Change the Wallpaper, Username, System Colors and more.
USB Communication
This zip contains a couple modules to simplify the process of dealing with USB ports and devices. I stumbled upon it at Intels developer website. I have not used any of these codes myself. The Intel website I found them at is right here.
Windoze Bas
A module with alot of various and unique source code. Control the CDRom tray, Fading Form Effects, CPU information, Hiding/Showing the System Tray, Clock, Start Button, and Much more. ALT/Control/Delete disable/endable is also provided.
Compatibility - Classic versions of Visual Basic. Classic Versions = Visual Basic 5.0/6.0. Possible they could work with Visual Basic 4.0 32 Bit.




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