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A large list of controls to make it easy and simple to perform a geat many tasks. These controls have been created with Visual Basic.NET 2002, 2003, 2005. So, depending on your version, you may run into a problem of somekind. I tried to mark them with 02/03 or 2005, to denote the Visual Basic version they were created with. But if I remember correctly, you can use Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003 version controls with Visual Basic 2005. You just can't use controls from Visual Basic.NET 2005 with the VB.Net 2002/2003 versions.

       Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003 and Visual Basic 2005 - Controls/Librarys
Bass.dll v1.8
The Bass Sound System is a powerful control for creating/manipulating and playing alot of music formats. Including MP3/Wav/Midi/CD. It actually supports most all of the common formats out there like Mod and MO3 formats. It has alot of features and way to many to list. Goto the Bass.Dll Website for a complete listing of all the features of the control and to get the latest version. 100% free for Personal Use Only.
csAudioCD Library Pro Enhanced Edition v2.5 - .NET 2005/2008 Compatible Only
This is the Ultimate library for Visual Basic 2005/2008 to play Audio based Compact Disks (CD's). The library was built with VB 05 and for VB 2005 and VB 2008. There are More than 50 subroutines, functions, and properties available to make a very feature rich audio CD based application. The library is Very Easy to use and understand. Most all of the Subs/Functions/Propertys are XML commented with descriptions and explanations of the feature. Besides your basic play/stop/pause features it can autoscan the computer for the available CD Drives and set the default drive to use. Open and Close the CD Tray Door. It can likewise check if a CD or Audio based CD is in the selected drive. There are Many available features to get the length and/or position of the Disk and/or the Track in different time formats. There are way to many features available to explain them all. This is just the Class library .dll and .xml file. There is an example application of using this library in the Visual Basic.NET - Examples page under the 2005/2008 section of that page. I might release the source code soon if thats what your really wanting at this time.

Update: This download NOW includes the source code to the actual AudioCD Library. There are specific guidelines you must ahear to before using them.
csAudioCD Library Professional v1.3 - 2002/2003/2005/2008 Compatible
The latest version of the older 2002/2003 AudioCD Library. I went ahead and took down version 1.1. This library makes it very easy to create a full CD Player based application. Does not rely on any 3rd Party controls either. 2002/2003

Version 1.3: A new sub called: devicesAutoScanCDDrive() was added to the library. This function will do all the work of scanning the computer and listing the available CD/DVD Drives and set a drive as the default drive. Also added alot of XML comments to help you to get a better understanding of what each function, sub, and property will do for you. Note: Unlike the previous 1.1 version, I included the source code to this version. You MUST adhere to the User Agreement as outlined in the library source code.
csAutoComplete Version 1.0 - VB.NET 2002/2003
A Class Library for adding 'Auto Complete' support to your ComboBox and TextBox controls in Visual Basic.NET 2002 and 2003. Very easy to use and includes the source code. 2002/2003
csCompactMusic Library v2.1
A condensed class that plays most of the common music files. This class is based on my csMusicLibrary Pro class. It has been downsized to reduce the size of the library. Supports most music formats including - MP3, Wav, WMA, and More. The latency is low, and the performance is good. If you just want to get the job done without having every feature possible, then this library should work fine. 2002/2003
csCPUFeatures Library v1.0
A very small class with a single method that will get various information about the Processor. It will return the features that the CPU supports, like 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, MMX, the Intel FPU Errata/Bug, and more. This class uses the IsProcessorFeaturePresent API call. Some of the cpu features the library may try to check, may not be supported by the Operating System. Ex: SSE3 detection is not available in Windows XP/2000. This download includes the project source code and compiled .dll class. There is a example as well, under the Visual Basic.NET - Examples page of this site.
csCPUInfoBasic.DLL Library v1.0
This is a .dll I made with Visual C++ .NET that is usable by VB that will return some basic CPU information like the model, vendor, clockspeed, ect... There is a example on how to use this library under the Visual Basic.NET - Examples page.
csMovie Library Professional v2.0
A class library that contains over 55 sub, functions and properties to make a very nice and complete movie application. Contains the normal play, stop, pause, ect.. features and includes many extra features as well. The source code is included. 2002/2003
csMusic Library Professional v1.0
A powerful Dot Net class I created that contains over 30 sub, functions, and properties. Plays many music formats including - MP3, WAV, WMA and more. Makes it simple to create a full-featured music application. 2002/2003
csMusic Library 3.1 - The Professional Series
The ultimate library for creating a music based application. Made with Visual Basic 2005 and for Visual Basic 2005. Has support to playback most all of the common formats (MP3, Wav, WMA, ect..) and includes basic recording to wav files. Play multiple files at the same time, and even get the mp3/wav header information. This class is commented with XML and explains about every sub/function/property. VB 2005
csRDTSC .DLL v1.0
A small .dll I made with Managed C++ (with my buddy Mr Knights' help) that simply has 3x functions for returning the CPU's timestamp counter value (rdtsc). Open up the "csRDTSC Functions.txt" file in the downloaded zip file for the Declares and descriptions. You can also download the example on the examples page which already includes the .dll file. This .dll can be used with any Visual Basic Language or any Language for that matter. Just change the Declares to whatever is required by that language.

Note: RDTSC is the "Read Time Stamp Counter" register of the processor. The Timestamp value increments every time the cpu completes a cycle. The value returned is the number of cycles the processor has completed/elasped since it was powered up in the current session. Whenever you shutdown the computer the counter will reset to zero and start counting again.
csSoundPlayer Library v1.0
A small class libarary that will play all of your waveform sounds. Play the sound in Sync or ASync mode, continuously by using the looping mode, and check if the computer has a sound card installed and how many. Supports: .Net 02/03. VB 05 has it own SoundPlayer Class.
csStopWatch Library v1.1 *BASIC*
A library for creating and using a Stop Watch in your applications. This library is very easy to use and understand. IT can be used for many timing style procedures. It has around a 1 MS resolution if I remember correctly? Supports: .Net 02/03. VB 05 has its own Stopwatch class.
csTextBoxX Control - Version 1.1
This is control could be considered a textbox on steroids. Has AutoComplete with 3x different modes and several sources to choose from. Has a property to very EASILY disable the 'Beep' when the user presses the "Enter" key. Also has the ability to restrict ALL characters from being typed in Except for Numbers or you can restrict all characters except Numbers with a Single Decimal point. The Source Code IS included in this download. VB 02/03. Update v1.1: Added a new function to search the control for specific text with various options like Match Case. Some 'Dead Code' has also been cleaned up.
csWindowsShutdown Class Library v1.4
This is a easy to use library that makes it VERY simple to shutdown/restart/logoff Windows. This class uses real Windows APIs but does include Shell options. Version 1.3 adds optional shells commands that can be used and a new function that will display the "Turn Off Computer" programmatically without having to do it from the Start menu. Most, if not all of the features in this library is compatible with Windows NTs/2000 and XP OSes. 2002/2003. Update: Version 1.4 added a new feature that will display the "System Settings Change" Dialog with a "Computer must restart before the setting will take place". There were also some more tweaks to the library as well.
Fusion/Com-based Download Wrapper to VB 5/6.0
This is the Com based class I made to give Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 simple download capabilites by interopting with the .NETFramework. A VB5.0/6.0 example that uses this wrapper is included with this download.
Pinging Network Address ComClass Wrapper for VB 5/6
This is the source code to a Fusion project I made with VB 2005 that creates a Com Wrapper that can be used to give VB 5/6 easy to use capabilities to Ping a Network Address. It is just a simple Fusion example that has 2x functions available to VB 5.0/6.0. The example for Visual Basic 5/6 is under the Visual Basic - Examples page. The DotNET Framework must be installed on the target computer for the wrapper to work in VB Classic.
SharpUSB-Library v1.0.0.1
OK, I did not have anything to do with the developing of this Class. I simply listed it because I know others have trouble finding help with accessing USB busses and Devices and such. This is OpenSource and you need to follow the license info. Goto: "" to get the latest versions and other important information including licensing. This 'Zip File' has all the files in it as it came from the official website. If the download here doesn't have all the info and such you need, then goto the website to find out what you need. They will of course have the latest versions and such.

Quick description from the author is as follows: "What is #usblib? SharpUSBLib is used for low level access to USB devices. It works under WIN32/.NET and Linux/Mono".

Please do not contact me about how to use this library or anything like that. I never used it and probably won't use it anytime soon. If I ever do I will make examples and such for it anyways. So please go to the website or the websites forum if you need help with it. I am simply a messenger. Hopefully this WILL help someone out there :)
Compatibility - Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003/2005
Compatibility - Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003 and Visual Basic 2005. - Most of these controls has been created with VB.NET 02/03. I do not remember if VB 05 can use the control from older versions of .NET? I am pretty sure that the older versions can't use the newer versions.




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