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This page contains articles/tutorials that are compatible with Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003 and Visual Basic 2005.
Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003/2005 - Tutorials
Add ToolTips
This is a simple, basic tutorial to show you how to add support for Balloon/ToolTips in your Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003 projects.
AutoComplete Support to Textbox/Combobox controls -05/08 VB's
This is a simple article I put together that shows how to add full 'AutoComplete' support to your Textbox and/or Combobox controls in Visual Basic 2005 and VB 2008.
Creating/Using Splash Screens in Visual Basic 2005 and VB 2008
A small article that shows you how to create and setup a splash screen for your VB 05/08 applications.
Custom My.MySettings - Application/Program Position and Size memory features.
A article for Visual Basic 2005 and Visual Basic 2008 that shows how to add your own properties and settings that can be listed under the "My.MYSettings" interface and be accessed during design time and runtime. This tutorial uses the example of adding the ability for your applications to have Location/Position and Size memorizing capabilitys.
mciSendString Command Interface "DotNet Edition" - Complete Tutorial
This is a thorough tutorial along with a example application that will get you started and show YOU how to write your OWN code to program the MCI Device in Windows to do almost ALL of your media playback needs.
Overloads Operator
This is a small, basic tutorial of using the Overloads operator. I explain it in a manner equivelent of not needing a 'As Any' type declaration.
Compatibility - Visual Basic.NET 2002/2003/2005
Compatibility - Some of the tutorials listed here are compatible with all of the .NET versions of Visual Basic. But some are only compatible with Visual Basic 2005 because the features are unique to that version and the earlier versions does not contains those features. Like the MY interface, AutoComplete and such.
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