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Below is a list of tutorials that are available. These tutorials are mainly aimed at the Beginner or possibly the Intermediate programmer. Alot of these are file downloads which are in the Microsoft Word format.

       Visual Basic - Tutorials
Create a Database File
This teaches a beginner how to use the Add-In utility with VB 6.0 to create a database file.
Left$, Right$, and Mid$ Tutorial
This is a article I wrote to teach a beginner how to use the Left$, Right$ and Mid$ functions. Should be pretty easy to understand.
MCI Command String Tutorial
This article will show you how to add multimedia abilitys to your applications without having to deal with 3rd party controls. It uses the MCI interface that is available in most all versions of Windows.
Register Controls
This is a basic article on how to register controls in the system registry. If you ever get a control not correctly registered or something similar. Then this may be what you need to do to use the control in your projects.
Compatibility - Classic versions of Visual Basic. Classic Versions = Visual Basic 5.0/6.0. Possible they could work with Visual Basic 4.0 32 Bit.




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